Apple Health Expansion for Immigrants:
You may be eligible to sign up for Apple Health Expansion insurance if you live in the state of Washington, even if you immigrated to the United States and/or are undocumented. Learn more.


Puede que usted sea elegible para inscribirse en Apple Health Expansion seguro médico si vive en el estado de Washington, incluso si usted inmigró a los Estados Unidos y/o es indocumentado. Aprende más.

Caring for YOU like family.

Here at Valley, we’ve seen a lot the past few years, facing challenges we could never have imagined. Through it all, safety remains our top priority for our patients, visitors and staff. We've discovered new, innovative ways of working and are proud to welcome you in-person or virtually.

Our clinics, outpatient departments, procedural and surgical teams work collaboratively together to provide you and your loved ones with the best possible care. And many of them offer care in multiple locations across our hospital district. 

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Here to Serve YOU!

Valley's Clinic Network offers a wide breadth of services and specialties to meet the needs of a diverse and growing community.

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